Sonomed Ataşehir – Legal Notice

  • Sonomed Ataşehir – Legal Notice

    1-Identity of Data Controller

    In the capacity of the data controller, Vedat Günyol Cad. Ulugöl Plaza No:20 Ataşehir/İstanbul, TÜMMED SAĞLIK KONTROL MER. A.Ş. (“Sonomed”), we show great sensitivity to the preservation of all personal data belonging to you, by processing them in the best possible way and with care. Based on this, to ensure that we act in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“Law”) and the relevant legislation, we present the following matters for your information within the scope of the disclosure obligation.

    2-For What Purpose Personal Data Will Be Processed
    Your personal data may be collected in accordance with the basic principles stipulated in the Law and the personal data processing purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law and depending on the nature of the service, within the framework of the execution of our activities, the functioning and development of our services, for the reasons stipulated in the Law and in accordance with the performance of the contractual relationship.

    To provide you with high standards of service, your personal data processed by Sonomed is obtained through automatic or non-automatic methods depending on the nature of the health services provided, through the Call Center, internet, online services, mobile applications and similar means, verbally through similar channels such as physical places and counters, in written, visual or electronic form.

    The following information, especially your health data, is processed by Sonomed within the scope of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in the applicable Law and other relevant legislation: your name, surname, identity number, passport number if you are not a Turkish Citizen or temporary or foreign identity number, place and date of birth, marital status, gender, protocol number specific to Sonomed and other identification data by which we can identify you, address, telephone number, your e-mail address and other contact data, your financial data such as your bank account number, IBAN number, payment and billing information, laboratory and imaging results that we provide for tracking in your medical record, test results, examination data, prescription information, etc. related to health and sexual life obtained during the execution of medical diagnosis, treatment and care services, audio and digital information that may be obtained by us from time to time through electronic or non-electronic methods, your general and special personal data, especially the personal health data obtained during the execution of all medical diagnosis, examination, treatment and care services, your data on private health insurance and your Social Security Institution data for the purpose of financing and planning health services, your health and identity data you send through our websites, your answers and comments you share with the aim of evaluating our services, Your CCTV video and audio recording taken during your visit to Sonomed and its affiliates, if you contact our Call Center, your recorded voice call recordings, your data on private health insurance and your Social Security Institution data for the purpose of financing and planning health services, your license plate and license data if you use the parking lot and valet service, navigation information, IP address, browser information obtained during the use of our website and mobile application, medical documents that you have voluntarily submitted, surveys, your form information and location data, and your personal data that you share when you attend training programs, seminars or organizations held by Sonomed.
    Your personal data, including your personal data of special nature may be processed for protection of public health, execution of preventive medicine, medical diagnosis, treatment and care services, planning and management of health services and financing, informing you about the appointment if you make an appointment, planning and managing the internal functioning of Sonomed, analyzing for the purpose of improving health services, training and developing our employees, monitoring and preventing unauthorized transactions, carrying out risk management and quality improvement activities, conducting research, meeting legal and regulatory requirements, billing for our services, confirming your identity, confirming your relationship with institutions that have contracted with Sonomed, sharing requested information with the Ministry of Health and other public institutions and organizations in accordance with the relevant legislation, sharing requested information with private insurance companies within the scope of financing health services, answering all your questions and complaints about our health services, taking all necessary technical and administrative measures within the scope of data security of Sonomed systems and applications, analyzing your use of healthcare services and storing your health data to develop and improve the healthcare services we provide, preserving information about your health data, which must be kept in accordance with the relevant legislation, providing financial agreement regarding the health services offered to you with the institutions we have contracted with, including but not limited to measuring patient satisfaction, execution and development of medical diagnosis, treatment and care services, planning and management of patient and healthcare services and their financing, increasing patient satisfaction, research and for similar purposes.
    “Your Personal and Private Data” mentioned above can be processed within the framework of law and relevant legislation provisions, Health Services Basic Law No. 3359, Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health and its Affiliates Statutory Decree No. 663, Private Hospitals Regulation, Regulation on Processing of Personal Health Data and Protection of Privacy, Ministry of Health regulations and other legislation provisions, it can be transferred to physical archives and information systems of Sonomed and/or external service providers and stored in both digital and physical environments.
    Your health data such as test results, reports, and X-rays that you have submitted to Sonomed regarding processes such as examination and treatment in other health institutions will be disposed of within three months if you do not receive them when you are discharged.
    3-Transfer of Processed Personal Data
    Clarification Text and for the purpose of ensuring the compliance of Sonomed with the relevant legislation provisions, your collected personal data may be shared or transferred to the suppliers whose services we benefit from or cooperate with, service providers, legally authorized third parties, Ministry of Health, its sub-departments and family medicine centers, private insurance companies (health, pension and life insurance, etc.), Social Security Institution, General Directorate of Security and other law enforcement agencies, General Directorate of Census, Turkish Pharmacists’ Association, courts, medical centers and third parties providing health care, the health institution to which you were referred or applied yourself, your authorized representatives, the institution you are affiliated with and/or work with, consulting third parties (lawyers, tax consultants, auditors, etc.), regulatory and supervisory bodies and official authorities, laboratories in the country or abroad with which we cooperate for medical diagnosis, systems and our partners (for more detailed information, you can apply to Sonomed in writing) within the framework of Articles 8 and 9 of the Law and for the purposes specified in this Clarification Text.
    4-Personal Data Collection Method and Legal Reason
    Your personal data may be collected by Sonomed in automatic or non-automatic ways, in accordance with the performance of the contractual relationship or for legal reasons based on our legitimate interest, and if you accept the use of optional cookies, for legal reasons regarding your express consent to carry out promotional activities specific to you. Your personal data is collected by Sonomed electronically, through our website, for legal reasons for the realization of the purposes specified in Article 2 of this Clarification Text, which is the subject of your disclosure of your personal data to us.
    However, as clearly stated in paragraph 3 of article 6 of the Law, personal data on health and sexual life, protection of public health, preventive medicine, execution of medical diagnosis, treatment and care services planning and management of health services and financing may be processed by persons or authorized institutions and organizations that are under the obligation to keep secrets without seeking the explicit consent of the person concerned.
    5-Rights of Personal Data Owner
    Pursuant to Article 11 of the Law, the person whose personal data is processed may apply to Sonomed and make requests regarding the following issues:

    • To learn whether personal data is processed or not,
    • To request information about it if personal data has been processed,
    • To access and request personal health data,
    • To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether it is used by us in accordance with these purposes,
    • To learn the third parties to whom personal data are transferred in the country or abroad,
    • To request correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
    • To request the deletion or destruction or anonymization of personal data in case the reasons for processing disappear,
    • To request that these be notified to third parties to whom data is transferred in such cases or in case of correction,
    • To object to the emergence of a result against the person by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
    • To request the elimination of this damage in the event that personal data is damaged due to unlawful processing.
      6-Data Security and Right to Apply
      To exercise your above-mentioned rights, you can send your request containing the necessary identification information and your explanations regarding the right that you request to exercise from the rights specified in Article 11 of the Law, by filling in the “Application Form Pursuant to the Law on Protection of Personal Data” on the internet address, and delivering a signed copy of the form personally by hand to FAHRETTIN KERIM GOKAY CAD. POYRAZ SOK. NO.7 ZIVERBEY KADIKOY ISTANBUL or you can send it via Notary or you can send it to Sonomed’s registered e-mail address (KEP), with a secure electronic signature, mobile signature, or by using the e-mail address previously notified to the data controller by the data controller and the e-mail address registered in the system of the data controller.
      Depending on the nature of your request, your applications will be concluded free of charge as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest. However, if the process requires an additional cost, you may be charged a fee according to the tariff to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

    Commercial Communication And Commercial Electronic Message Clarification Text
    By submitting your personal data and contact information to Sonomed with the approval of the relevant fields by filling out all kinds of communication and information forms on the Sonomed website (, you give your consent for your personal information to be processed within the scope of the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and the Regulation on Commercial Communications and Commercial Electronic Messages, within the scope of planning and execution of marketing processes of personal data, including those related to your health status, by Sonomed Medical Imaging and Health Services Tourism Trade Inc., for storing and processing the products and services offered by Sonomed to customize them according to the needs and habits of the person concerned, and to create campaigns and opportunities, and transferring it to the group companies and suppliers that Sonomed works or will work with to perform the said services, and sending test and examination result information, surveys, advertisements, promotions, campaigns and similar commercial electronic messages to the contact information specified in this context.

    Legal Warning
    THE OWNER OF THIS WEBSITE IS SONOMED MEDICAL IMAGING CENTER AND LABORATORY AND ALL RIGHTS OF USE ARE RESERVED. The articles and information on our website are for educational purposes and are not intended for medical recommendation in any way. Responsibility for any decisions made in line with this information belongs to the person visiting this website and does not bind our Center in any way. Our Center reserves the right to make any changes, rearrangements, or stop broadcasting on our website without any notice. Our Center is not liable for any responsibility for not updating the information on the website. The articles, information, graphics, pictures and logos, designs, and slogans on our website are the property of our Center and it is forbidden to use, partially or completely copy, modify, publish, print and distribute for commercial purposes without our written permission. All copyrights belong to Sonomed Imaging Center. Our Center declares that the name, address and personal information entered on our website will not be disclosed to third parties unless there is a legal obligation.

    Privacy Policy
    The user information recorded in the database as a result of the forms filled out on the Sonomed Medical Imaging Center website ( and various channels are not shared with other people within the consent and responsibility of Sonomed. Sonomed disclaims responsibility in case of an attack on the website and database or problems based on technical materials.

    User Agreement
    Users are deemed to have accepted the terms of the legal warning and privacy policy in every process and site traffic on