Sonomed Kadikoy Imaging Center

  • Sonomed Kadıköy Imaging Center was established in Kadıköy, Istanbul. Sonomed has a branch in Fulya as well as Kadıköy. Sonomed Kadıköy Imaging Center has been providing uninterrupted medical imaging processes since the first day with its experienced staff, expert staff and patient satisfaction. Experts, who know the importance of early diagnosis in order to end health problems with a successful treatment or to distribute risks, constantly serve patients and take care to achieve rapid results. Patients do not wait in line at the center, they can benefit from imaging services by benefiting from private health insurance. If you haven’t met our imaging center in Kadıköy and Fulya yet, you can visit us for check-ups and health checks. Check-ups and health checks are very important in terms of evaluating possible risks even when there is no health problem.

    Some of Sonomed Kadıköy Imaging Center Services
    Sonomed has the distinction of being the first and only medical imaging center in Turkey, approved by the international quality commission JCI, which has all devices in terms of medical imaging and laboratory in general and provides imaging services in a wide area. The most used imaging services in our center are as follows;

    3 Tesla Open Tube MR: MR, which examines the tissues, muscles, organs, long and skeletal systems in the body, gives detailed sections, and enables three-dimensional results to be obtained, is used both in the diagnosis of the disease and in the possibility of recurrence after the treatment.

    Color Doppler USG: Structures of organs and soft tissues are evaluated by imaging with color Doppler ultrasonography devices. Neck veins, leg and veins, genital organs and abdominal organs can benefit from color Doppler USG imaging.

    Computed Tomography (CT): Computed tomography device is an effective technology that enables tomography process to take place in a short time. Detailed scanning CT enables sections of bones, vessels and organs to be taken.

    3D Tomosynthesis Mammography: 3D Tomosynthesis digital mammography is one of the Sonomed Kadıköy imaging center services. Providing early diagnosis in breast cancer, mammography offers a much more comfortable and practical mammography experience with its digital imaging process.

    Coronary CT Angiography: In cases of occlusion of the vessels feeding the heart, risk of heart attack, heart spasm and similar heart diseases, coronary CT angiography is used to control the vessels leading to the heart. It is extremely popular as the process takes almost a few seconds and provides risk analysis.

    Imaging Center Prices
    Medical imaging center prices vary according to the procedure and examination. You can call our center for clear information about Sonomed Kadıköy imaging center transaction fees. Please contact us for appointment and price information.