Sonomed Fulya

  • Sonomed Medical Imaging Center and Laboratory, which has been serving in Kadıköy for years; Istanbul European Side Sonomed opened its Fulya branch in Fulya, which is shown as one of the most central points of Istanbul, the connection point of Beşiktaş, Şişli and Nişantaşı.

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    There was a demand for Sonomed quality to be brought to the European Side of Istanbul by those who have had Sonomed experience in our center in Kadıköy for a long time. An important success has been achieved both in order to respond to these demands and to add another value to Turkey’s health services. Sonomed Fulya Medical Imaging Center is located on Fulya Hakkı Yeten Street. You can see its location more clearly in the image below.

    What Does Sonomed Fulya Offer?

    With Sonomed Fulya, Sonomed’s understanding of quality is now offered in a way that our guests coming to Kadıköy from the European Side can reach more easily. Below you can see in detail what these services are and on which devices they will be served.

    • 3 Tesla Open Tube Magnetic Resonance (MR)
    • Multislice Computed Tomography (CT)
    • 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography
    • Color Doppler Ultrasonography
    • Digital X-Ray
    • Bone Densitometer
    • In addition to these, in partnership with the Kadıköy branch, additional services such as Biopsies, QCT Bone Density, Fusion Prostate Biopsy are also included in this list.

    Especially since 3 Tesla Open Tube MR is an important need for this region, it has been added to the device park by Sonomed with a significant investment. Thus, both Kadıköy Sonomed and Fulya Sonomed started to serve with 3 Tesla Open Tube MR.

    A Special 4-Storey Facility and Special Facilities for Our Guests

    Sonomed Fulya has made an investment that will reflect the brand culture as well as having a very central location. As it is known, in our center in Kadıköy, safe health service delivery is provided, accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International).

    Considering all this, in order to maintain the same culture in Fulya, the places where our guests can rest before getting their results have been carefully considered. By analyzing the traffic conditions and density of the Fulya region, a private parking lot was created that can only be used by Sonomed guests.

    While creating the lobby and waiting areas within the building, a relaxing ambiance was aimed for our guests. Comfort and hygiene were prioritized. It can be cleaned easily and quickly in frequently used areas such as corridors, lobby and waiting areas, toilets, doors and stairs; Materials with which hygiene can be applied easily were preferred. While considering all these, it was also aimed to create a visual space where our guests can feel themselves in a peaceful environment.

    Contact and Address Information

    We would like to remind you that when you want to contact Sonomed Fulya, you can use the information below or you can reach here via Sonomed Kadıköy.

    Phone: 0212 291 66 66
    Address: Dikilitaş Mah. Hakki Yeten Cad. No:12 Fulya – Beşiktaş / Istanbul (Next to Opet Gas Station)


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