Robotic Prostate Biopsy with MRI

  • Currently, the use of MRI, which is one of the most reliable techniques to detect prostate cancer clinically, offers a significant advantage in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. In the event that MRI detects possible cancer, Robotic Biopsy offers a newer and more reliable methodology to direct the biopsy needle with high precision in the same MRI system, thus providing the most accurate diagnosis for the patient with less number of attempts.

    Scientific evidence shows that the use of prostate MRI and guided biopsy has a positive impact on the health of men clinically suspected of having prostate cancer along with being cost-effective.

    The latest international EAU (European Association of Urology) Guidelines published in 2021 recommend the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for clinical suspicion of prostate cancer.

    It enables in-bore prostate biopsies to be performed quickly, accurately and cost-effectively with the Remote Controlled Manipulator (RCM).

    Soteria Medical’s remote-controlled manipulator (RCM) robot enables fast and precise remote targeting of lesions that are suspicious on MRI images. Combination with special software provides a fast procedure for daily clinical routine.

    The RCM system is CE-marked and FDA-registered and is currently installed in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway and Italy), as well as Australia and Taiwan.

    MRI compatible robot

    The robot is placed on a table via compressed air, which allows the high flexibility of the system. Five pneumatic motors provide a wide target range and positioning accuracy.

    Advantages of in-bore biopsy

    Fully MRI compatible
    Ability to take biopsies from 1 mm lesions
    Ability to take biopsies from hard-to-reach areas
    Short procedure time < 30 minutes
    High patient comfort
    Direct targeted biopsy method
    Confirmation of the location after biopsy
    Low risk of infection