3 Tesla Fetal MRI

  • What is Fetal MRI?

    It is used to conduct a further and more detailed examination when any abnormal finding is detected in the mother or baby in the ultrasound examination during pregnancy. Fetal MRI can be used safely for the baby as well as to illuminate the problems of the mother during pregnancy.

    In Which Situations Is It Used?

    * Central nervous system diseases of the fetus

    * Brain or spine problems

    * Detailed anatomical structure of the brain, development of brain folds and layers, developmental disorders of the spine

    * Ventriculomegaly

    * Pathologies such as brain infections, hereditary brain diseases, tumoral masses developing in the womb

    * Some problems such as blood accumulation in the baby’s brain and bleeding in the brain parenchyma

    * Evaluation of fetal structures such as the lung, abdominal cavity, and musculoskeletal system

    In which period of pregnancy can it be applied?

    Fetal MRI is not used in the first trimester of pregnancy because there is not enough data yet. It is generally applied to fetuses over 24 weeks.

    Is any medication given to the mother during the examination?

    No medication is given to the mother or baby during the examination.

    What is the difference between Ultrasound and Fetal MRI?

    Ultrasound acquires images using sound waves, while Fetal MRI acquires images in a magnetic field. Both ultrasound and Fetal MRI examinations do not contain radiation.

    Is Any Preparation Required Before The Examination?

    The patient does not need to make any preparations before arrival.