Digital Mammography


    Full Field Digital Mammography

    Early and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer is the most important step in treatment. According to the data of the World Health Organization, today, on average, 1 out of every 8 women is diagnosed with breast cancer. However, with early diagnosis, the problems caused by breast cancer can be solved to a large extent. In this regard, full-field digital mammography stands out.


    Why Digital Mammography?

    During her lifetime, one out of every 8 women develops breast cancer and one out of every 30 women dies from breast cancer. Breast cancer is a curable disease with early diagnosis. The World Health Organization recommends a mammogram once a year after the age of 40 for early diagnosis of breast diseases. In this way, the death rate from breast cancer has decreased significantly in the last 20 years. Digital Mammography is an imaging method that investigates breast cancer using low-dose radiation, which is considered the gold standard in the diagnosis of breast cancer.


    Sonomed Mammography Imaging Standard:

    Mammography + Color Doppler Breast Ultrasound

    Color Doppler ultrasonography is the most valuable complementary method in investigating the internal structure of the mass detected in mammography when a suspicious mass or an increase in density is seen on mammography (in the presence of problems that cannot be solved by mammography). For these reasons, simultaneous ultrasonography examination of patients undergoing mammography examination increases the reliability of the examination. For the correct diagnosis the first time, we always perform a Color Doppler Ultrasonography examination free of charge for every patient who undergoes mammography.

    Digital Archive

    We archive and store your mammography examinations in digital media (PACS) with the thought that they may be needed for comparison in the future. Before the examination, we examine your digital mammography images in our archive and compare them with your new examination. Along with the report, we give you your images in digital media (CD). If you send us your mammography images made outside of Sonomed on CD, we archive them for you. With the username and password we will give you, you can easily access your images from our digital archive whenever you want and wherever you want.

    At the end of the examination, you can get detailed information about your results from our physician who performs digital mammography examinations.

    Why Full-Field Digital Mammography System?

    – Lower radiation

    – Optimal compression (painless or much less pain)

    – Excellent image quality

    – 25-30% increase in detection ability compared to analog systems

    – The decreased need for biopsy for false positive results

    – Repeat-free and error-free examination

    – Short examination time

    – Digital archiving