Cardiac MRI

  • Cardiac MRI provides very important information in terms of congenital heart diseases, evaluation of heart cavities and main vascular structures entering and leaving the heart, and their functions.

    With the cardiac MRI examination, cardiovascular occlusions are evaluated, it is determined how much the heart muscle is affected after a heart attack and how much of the heart muscle can maintain its vital and functional structure as a result of this effect. It is used as a guide in the evaluation of heart muscle diseases called cardiomyopathies and intracardiac masses.

    This imaging requires a detailed and sensitive examination. It is important that the examining physician and the radiology team are able to provide a detailed analysis in sufficient time. For this reason, a reliable institution and staff must be preferred in such sensitive tests. At Sonomed Medical Imaging Center, cardiac MRI examinations are done by Dr. Umit Tuzun. Dr. Umit Tuzun has various certificates in the field of MRI on national and international platforms. He went on to various analyzes of cardiac imaging by constantly exchanging information with cardiology departments and physicians. As a result, he explained what this imaging method can provide with a presentation at the bottom of our page. Sonomed Medical Imaging Center and Dr. Umit Tuzun organize conferences on this subject every year and convey the developments. 

    Kardiyak MR

    Cardiac MRI at Sonomed

    It is performed and reported by our physicians experienced in cardiac MRI in our examination center, which can be performed with advanced technology MRI devices and requires expertise. It is very important that the examination is carried out in the presence of a Radiology Specialist, and the imaging protocols are determined by the Radiology Specialist. For this reason, cardiac MRI scans at Sonomed are performed together with experienced technicians and Radiology Specialists. Located across from Kadikoy Registry Office, Sonomed has a parking lot reserved for guests. Reports are delivered to you without having to wait for results. Your physicians can access your report and examinations whenever and wherever they want using the information you provide.

    Since its foundation, Sonomed has accomplished important milestones in MRI examinations in Turkey in terms of technical diversity, physician experience, and technological infrastructure. Sonomed has been providing services in the field of imaging and laboratory since 1992.