3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance (MRI)

  • Sonomed provides 3 Tesla MRI Technology for detailed MRI imaging. 3 Tesla MRI is preferred to obtain clear and detailed images in MRI. You can contact us for detailed information about 3 Tesla MRI technology.


    Why is 3 Tesla MRI Important?

    This technology provides clearer images in magnetic resonance imaging in a short time. Therefore, this technology is preferred to meet the needs. Especially in some branches and examinations, MRI scans made with this technology are preferred. This technology is used to display high-risk points in detailed examinations. Specialists who undertake the treatment process can request MRI images, especially those obtained with 3 Tesla Technology, while the relevant examinations are being carried out.


    A New Look for 3 Tesla MRI

    The Magnetom Lumina device developed by Siemens has been offered to the use of experts with a new perspective among the existing MRI devices with 3 Tesla technology. Sonomed Imaging Center has incorporated this technology with a visionary perspective and opened it to the service of experts and users.

    3 Tesla MRI Open Tube Technology

    70 cm Inner Width and Open Tube Technology

    70 cm tube width offers a more comfortable imaging experience, especially for people with claustrophobia and who are overweight. In addition, thanks to the “Open Tube Technology”, MRI devices are designed more spaciously to reduce the claustrophobic effect. Most of those who enter the MRI device prefer open tube technology so that imaging can be done in a more spacious environment.

    3 Tesla MR Görüntüsü

    50% Speed Increase

    Sonomed’s Siemens Magnetom Lumina 3 Tesla MRI device provides rapid examination. With the “Turbo Suite” module, it is possible to obtain images 50% faster. The shortening of the time spent in the MRI device is of great importance for patients. Magnetom Lumina also has technology to tolerate motion against minimized mobility of the patient while in the MRI device. For this reason, the probability of repeating the imaging decreases with both the short time spent in the device and the technology to tolerate the movement.

    3 Tesla Emar Sonomed

    BioMatrix and Artificial Intelligence

    BioMatrix and Artificial Intelligence

    The Lumina 3 Tesla MRI device is powered by detectors and software that identify different variables such as the patient’s breathing, movement, heartbeat and program the imaging accordingly.